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Analytical cookies on our website are collected by a script from Google Inc., which then anonymizes this data. After anonymization, it is no longer personal data, because anonymized cookies cannot be assigned to a specific user or a specific person. We only work with cookies in anonymized form. Therefore, we cannot find out from cookies how a specific user behaved on our website (what pages he visited, what goods he viewed, etc.)

Audience measurement

These cookies allow us to optimize our pages for your comfortable use, based on how you use them. The goal is to remember or anticipate your choices. This is, for example, the use of functions, their location, behavior on the page.

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Personalized advertising

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These cookies allow us to show you general advertising for products and services.

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These cookies will allow us to show you content and advertisements according to the data available about you so that we can best meet your needs. This is mainly about what content you viewed or what device you use to access our pages.

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These cookies enable us to comfortably connect you to your profile on social networks and, for example, enable you to share products and services with friends and family.

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These cookies are third-party cookies, and you can learn more about them and our partners here, for example.